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Day in the life of a Data Entry Operator

5 July / Shares / by

A Data Entry Operator is an entry level position in the Information Technology sector. Accurate data entry is one of the most important factors in bus

7 Biggest Things You Shouldn’t Do During a Job Interview

4 May / Shares / by

Interviewing for a job you’ve always wanted can be a very stressful experiences. There are a lot of mistakes you can make while trying to impress yo

8 Essentials to Take to Your Interview

20 April / Shares / by

Interviews are nerve wracking. In the rush to get ready, it’s easy to forget to take important items. Use this checklist to help plan ahead and arri

Ten scientifically proven ways to help you retain knowledge

11 April / Shares / by

Studying for exams can be a painful, time consuming task. There’s nothing worse than going to that exam and immediately forgetting everything you sp



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