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Strategies to Strengthen Your Customer Service Approach

Customer relationships are a large aspect of your success. Even after they have purchased your services or products, customers may want to contact you for additional inquiries or write a review. Your role as a manager means taking care of your customers whether they are at home or at your place of business. Excelling in this area can also help your business distinguish itself among competitors.


One important thing for managers to think about is that customers are more knowledgeable and have easier access to information than ever before. They can recognise what defines both great and poor customer service. The popularity of opinion sharing websites has also allowed users to read about other customers’ experiences at certain businesses. Whether you operate at a physical location or through digital means, there is a high chance one of your customers will report on their experiences. This is something to keep in mind while you conduct business.


Additionally, customers want to feel that they are being appreciated and that their time is respected. Have your employees and support staff adequately trained to ensure they are as responsive to customers as possible. If you have a support line, designate a specific amount of time that customers are placed on hold. If your customer has been hold for more than 4 minutes, then have your staff acknowledge the inconvenience and inform customers that their patience is appreciated. These small actions can make a difference in how customers evaluate your service. It is important to remember that customer interactions are not just a function, but essential component of the success of your business.


One application you can set up is a help desk. This is a system that serves as a resource for customers to refer to when they require support. Many corporate or enterprise-level companies have help desks to service their customers. Other organisations outsource this feature so they have consistent, day-to-day communication with customers. Small businesses may not be able to afford these help desks. As an alternative, you can set up a contact form or forum that allows customers to direct their questions to your team.


If you have visited a website and noticed a chat box popping up, that particular company may be using a direct messaging system for customer support. Once you input a request to start a chat, a support staff member will be on the line to handle any requests or inquiries you have. This makes it convenient for you to reach out to the company for any support needed. Other companies that use these systems may have automated programs such as chat bots to facilitate communication with customers. This is something you can implement on your company website. The costs in setting one up can actually be more affordable than what you might expect.


If your business runs a Facebook page, take advantage of its messaging features. In many cases, customers take any complains or questions they have to social media platforms. While your team is working on maintaining social media accounts, have them read and respond to customer messages as well. Chatbots or AI systems can even be implemented in this area so customer communication is handled promptly and efficiently.


There are cases where customers need more responsive and timely service from businesses. This means getting faster responses from emails. Your business may not have the resources or manpower to respond to every email. What you can use as an alternative is email ticketing software. These programs help filter incoming emails and place them into categories for the right team members to handle. You can develop custom categories as well as assign different priority levels to each one. The great feature of email ticketing is that they can track inquiries that have either been resolved or left outstanding. There are many programs available out there, including Freshdesk.


With customer service continuing to be a standard for business success, consider how your company can benefit from the aforementioned practices. In addition, start thinking about how your company can add new technology and practices to correspond more effectively with customers. Once you have the right formula developed, your business can benefit from improved customer relations and retention.

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Strategies to Strengthen Your Customer Service Approach



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