Customised Learning

Customised Learning

Customised Learning

Kirana Workforce Development is able to deliver a wide range of qualifications through just as many mediums. Businesses tend to find Traineeships as the most popular method of up-skilling their workforce and the primary means of delivering a Traineeship is through the workplace.

studyworkplaceWorkplace – Primarily the delivery of a Traineeship will be at their place of work in a training room where a student undertakes all course work with an assigned teacher/trainer and assessor. Part of the work will be autonomous, part with their employer and often with our trainers and assessors.

studyonlineOnline – course delivery purely in an online environment where a student has no in-person contact with a teacher/trainer and assessor.

studyinclassClassroom – this refers to the delivery of courses where a student undertakes all formal course work in a classroom environment with an assigned teacher/trainer and assessor in-person. Classroom delivery will often involve simulated workplace activities.

studyblendedBlended – the delivery of a course where a student undertakes course work with a combination of face-to-face contact with a teacher/trainer and assessor in-person within a classroom or workshop environment for part of the course. The remainder of the course could be Online, within your Workplace or Correspondence based.

studydistanceDistance/Correspondence – this refers to the delivery of a course where a student undertakes all coursework through the provision of hard copy learning, teaching and assessment materials. This is a rare mode of delivery and only provided for students who through geographical isolation.



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What Kirana Workforce Development Offers

  • QualityInvestment in people to the highest industry standard is delivered
  • DiscoveryUncover the hidden passion of your people
  • GrowthUnlock the potential of your business to grow strength to strength on the back of your people and products
  • ConfidenceWe've more than 7 year's experience in delivering relevant skills to an array of industry partners
  • SupportKirana will work with employers to ensure training isn't a financial burden to business

Client Testimonials

"My learning experience has given me so much more knowledge and confidence in something that I am totally passionate about…"
Donna Dransfield
CHC40108 Certificate IV in Aged Care

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