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Employers – here’s why you should consider offering traineeships

Did you know, Kirana Education doesn’t just offer services to help individual students grow their future – we also have Kirana Workforce Development services for employers. Our workforce development services give you, the employer, access to trainers, assessors, online and printed resources. There are also a variety of ways you can finance the upgrade of your workforce, and although we have learning centres all around Australia, our trainers can also come to your workplace to coach and conduct assessments.

Traineeships are considered an exciting and innovative way to grow your business by upskilling your existing workforce and also taking advantage of existing incentives and payroll tax exemptions in some cases. You can start now and if you have employees with less than three months of employment at your company, there are even more incentives for you.

At Kirana Workforce Development, we have an extensive range of qualifications available as traineeships. As an employer, you are sure to find one that fits in with your business goals. By offering a traineeship with Kirana, you can take advantage of our wide range of services, our purpose to grow people, our vision to change the world and our values of respect, integrity and belief.

We believe that proper training can make a real difference and the premium education we deliver will produce skilled graduates, ready to tackle the business as you see fit. Kirana Workforce Development is perfect for businesses who want on-site training to up-skill or re-skill their workers. You can utilise our training and qualifications to discover your employees’ full potential, thus maximising your business opportunities.

Yet, this training need not be a financial burden on your business. We are able to provide government funded traineeships for 12 months to 2 year courses across a range of industries. By offering traineeships to your employees, your business can benefit from more productive and specifically skilled staff that will drive your business’s success.

Kirana Workforce Development is the beginning of a rich learning journey. Through discovery, we will enlighten your staff and spark their potential – making for more valuable employees.

We are able to offer you a number of qualifications through our six Registered Training Organisations that have been hand-picked for their ability to deliver high quality, industry-relevant courses. Some of our most popular courses include;

Kirana Workforce Developments offers you a flexible approach to workplace training and classroom delivery, and we can also tailor our courses to suit the learner regardless of their circumstance. By combining our RTOs and delivering them through the Kirana Workforce Development experience, we can ensure these high quality industry-relevant courses are taught in the best way possible.

If you feel as if your workplace is lacking in skilled workers, consider a traineeship at Kirana for your workers. Become an employer of choice in your industry by having a reputation of supporting your staff through career development. You can grow your business and create a culture of investment within your organisation, which will surely increasingly attract the right kind of people for your business.


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Employers – here’s why you should consider offering traineeships



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