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Does Your Self-Image Hold You Back at Work?

You might not recognise your self-image plays a big part in your success at work. How you see yourself limits your behaviour. For example, whether you ask for a raise when you deserve one. If you don’t have a positive opinion of yourself, you won’t make a good impression on your boss and colleagues. As a result, you’ll miss opportunities to thrive in the workplace.


How your self-image might hold you back

The way you perceive yourself shows in your behaviour. Your body language sends a message to others about your value. If you regard yourself well, you’ll walk tall, look people in the eye, and others will treat you with respect.

If you lack confidence, you might walk with your head low. You may speak quietly at meetings and not be heard over louder employees. You’re liable to be overlooked for promotion, despite the fact you’re the best candidate for the job. With a better self-image, you would shine, since you would move and talk differently.

When you project a healthy self-image, people’s behaviour toward you will change. They will ask for your opinions, listen to your ideas, and consider you a valuable member of staff. Also, you’ll treat yourself well. You’ll stand up for your rights and demand to receive proper treatment.


Identify your self-image

Can you describe how you see yourself? Maybe you think you’re shy, talkative and annoying, or not as bright as other employees. Your description reveals a great deal about whether you embrace your real value. To determine your self-image, list the qualities you think represent you best.

No doubt, some of the terms you use to describe yourself are negative. Understand your opinion of yourself stems from the past. How others treated and regarded you has influenced your thoughts. You might have gained negative views that don’t reflect your real nature.


Changing your image

Make a new list describing how you want others to see you. Consider the qualities the imagined version of you would own. Visualise your new body language and the behaviours you carry out. See yourself in everyday challenging situations at work, acting as the new you. Notice how you feel when you are confident and successful.

To change your self-image, realise you already have those qualities you admire. If you desire to be wise and bold, you have the seeds of wisdom and courage inside. To bring them out, repeat the visualisation exercise each morning and before you go to bed.

Practice seeing yourself this way to rewire your brain. Your self-image and behaviour will change. As you act differently at work, people will adjust how they respond to you, and you’ll be happier. As a bonus, your new image will flow into all areas of your life bringing favourable results.

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Does Your Self-Image Hold You Back at Work?



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