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Employers – here’s why you should consider offering traineeships

12 January / Shares / by

Did you know, Kirana Education doesn’t just offer services to help individual students grow their future – we also have Kirana Workforce Developm

Ten scientifically proven ways to help you retain knowledge

11 April / Shares / by

Studying for exams can be a painful, time consuming task. There’s nothing worse than going to that exam and immediately forgetting everything you sp

5 simple tips to create the perfect study space

6 April / Shares / by

Having the perfect space to study in is important to your ability to study effectively. Being surrounded by mess and clutter will only serve to distra

3 reasons to start a career as a Diversional Therapy Assistant

6 April / Shares / by

Working as a Diversional Therapy Assistant is a rewarding career choice. Leisure and health related activities are part of the Australian lifestyle, a



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