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5 Vital Elements to Team Motivation

Teams don’t function well without teamwork, and you can only achieve teamwork if the team members are properly motivated. However, motivation do

6 Tips for Effectively Handling Customer Complaints

It can be discouraging to hear complaints and easy to overreact to them. People complain for a variety of reasons, so try to recognise what the nature

Super Simple Ways to Become a Better Leader and Improve Team Collaboration

Are you an entrepreneur wanting to build a strong and supportive team? Or are you a small business owner who wants to improve your leadership skills?

Strategies to Strengthen Your Customer Service Approach

Customer relationships are a large aspect of your success. Even after they have purchased your services or products, customers may want to contact you

Employers: should you offer a traineeship?

Kirana Workforce Development, a subsidiary to Kirana Education, is catered to businesses that are looking to give their existing or new workers an opp

Strategies to Strengthen Your Customer Service Approach

Customer relationships are a large aspect of your success. Even after they have purchased your services or products, customers may want to contact you

8 Productivity Tips for the Everyday Business Owner

Productivity can be hard to come by, even if you’re already the proud owner of a business. Deciding to get things done and actually getting thin

Improving Employee Engagement at Your Business

The employee-business relationship is one of mutual benefit, where both sides can gain. When employees feel that they are in an environment that adequ

Does Your Self-Image Hold You Back at Work?

You might not recognise your self-image plays a big part in your success at work. How you see yourself limits your behaviour. For example, whether you

How to Inspire Your Team to Grow

Many business owners and managers have trouble getting the most from their team, and this is a problem that can cause them to fail. The success of any

The Seven Learning Styles: Know the difference and find your own

Embarking on a new educational course can be a daunting affair, when you take into consideration the amount of studying that you will need to do in or

Minimise distractions with these study tips

In this digital age, there are so many distractions within your reach to keep you from your studies. There’s nothing more frustrating than being con

Election Results – wins/losses for continuing education

Education is shaping up to be an important issue for the 2016 Federal election. Mr Bill Shorten has accused the coalition of viewing education as a co

Day in the life of a Data Entry Operator

A Data Entry Operator is an entry level position in the Information Technology sector. Accurate data entry is one of the most important factors in bus

Winter is coming – how to quickly cure a cold so you can get back to 100 per cent

There’s nothing worse than catching a cold when you have lots of classes and studying to do. Suddenly, your energy goes down and all you want to do

Considering a career in the Transport and Logistics sector? Here’s where to start

A Transport and Logistics career is the perfect choice if you love to drive, and there are so many different career options within this sector. You co

It’s Independent Retailer Month! Considering a retail role or becoming a small business owner?

Happy Independent Retailer Month! Now is the perfect time to embark on a career in the retail sector. The Department of Education, Employment and Work

4 Early Signs of Employee Burnout Every Employer Needs to Watch For

When it comes to successful, thriving businesses, it should go without saying that hard-working, dedicated employees are not optional. However, in ord

How To Know You Are A Micromanager

No business can afford to be plagued by nitpicky management, yet many keep micromanagers on staff despite their destructive policies and behavior. In

7 Keys to Time Management (for Managers)

One of the most critical areas of management is time management.  If you had an infinite amount of time to organise work weeks, handle administrative

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