In our experience there is broad range of questions a business may have about Traineeships. Here are a few we think will give you enough information to know if a Traineeship is for you.

qandaHow Does A Traineeship Work?

  • Once the need for up-skilling is determined the business seeks out a qualified RTO through Kirana Workforce Development which is accredited and delivers Nationally Recognised Training.
  • An appointment is made ( ! fill in our enquiry form on the right) and one of our Kirana Workforce Development Team will come out to visit you
  • We will sit down with you and determine the best outcome for your business including the type of qualification, the number of participants and whether they are classified as new (less than 3 months in the role) or existing employees.
  • There are a variety of financial assistance but in general, the earlier you start, the more chance you have to take advantage of the best funding available
  • An agreement is drawn up and a date set for your traineeship to begin

How Can I Deliver A Traineeship?

  • Most of your employees will already be aware they are participating in a  traineeship
  • The training will take place on-site within normal business hours and this is generally when a Kirana Workforce Development trainer will meet your staff
  • The employees will do a mixture of readings, assignments and projects
  • The trainer regularly conducts evaluations to ensure your staff are achieving their objectives

How Long Does A Traineeship last?

How Many Staff Do I Need Before I Can Secure A Traineeship?

  • Kirana Workforce Development can accommodate all sizes of traineeships.
  • If you anticipate training 50 or more staff we can create a custom qualification from our existing scope

How Much Funding Is There For A Traineeship?

  • It varies based on how many participants, the qualification and the state based funding models which differ throughout Australia.
  • In general the Australian Government offers traineeships funding to back a skills shortage and it will compensate eligible employers for the time and investment they make training staff within the workplace
  • You may also be eligible for a payroll tax exemption and Kirana Workforce Development can provide some guidance to you.
  • Don’t forget…it will cost you 150% of an employee’s salary to replace them. Its much better to retain and retrain through a traineeship

How Do I Get Employees And Stakeholders To Buy In?

  • Traineeships have been developed to address skills gaps in the market. An employee with a diverse and adaptable skill set has higher job satisfaction through increased responsibility
  • Employees who upskill with us will receive Nationally Recognised Qualifications
  • Through your growing reputation as a business to invests in staff, you’ll attract better employees and together they will raise the bar keeping your business a current and edgy leader in your industry.



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What Kirana Workforce Development Offers

  • QualityInvestment in people to the highest industry standard is delivered
  • DiscoveryUncover the hidden passion of your people
  • GrowthUnlock the potential of your business to grow strength to strength on the back of your people and products
  • ConfidenceWe've more than 7 year's experience in delivering relevant skills to an array of industry partners
  • SupportKirana will work with employers to ensure training isn't a financial burden to business

Client Testimonials

"I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a passion for helping and caring for others."
Amy Shakespeare
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