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6 Tips for Effectively Handling Customer Complaints

It can be discouraging to hear complaints and easy to overreact to them. People complain for a variety of reasons, so try to recognise what the nature of the complaint is.  It’s important to never blame the customer.  Try to remain calm and follow these six tips.


Listen to the Customer

It’s important to make sure the customer feels heard.  Never interrupt them or tell them they’re wrong. Once they’ve said their part, react in a calm, compassionate manner. If they are angry, matching their anger will only escalate the situation. Put yourself in their position and treat them how you’d want to be treated.


Always Apologise

Even if you and your company did nothing wrong, swallow your pride and apologise. Oftentimes, a customer that feels wronged is just looking for an apology. Offer a sincere apology and assure the customer it won’t happen again.


Offer a Solution

Make sure the customer knows you’re honestly concerned by offering a solution to rectify the situation. Depending on the type of business you represent, you can offer coupons, free products or free entrance to an event. If the complaint is small, an apology might be enough, but always be prepared to offer more if appropriate or necessary. It’s far better to give something away than to lose a customer.


Make Sure the Customer Is Happy with the Outcome

A customer’s influence can be far greater than you think. You never know if they are going to post a negative review or tell friends about their complaint with your business. Always make sure they are happy with how you resolve their issue. If they aren’t satisfied, let them offer a solution. If it’s not outrageous, consider going along with it.


Follow Up

Following up after a complaint can mean a variety of things. Sometimes it might be necessary to create a new rule that helps insure it won’t happen again. Other times, you may just need to have a talk with your employees to make sure they’re aware of the problem. If you’re an employee dealing with a complaint, always make sure your boss is aware of it, and let them follow up in whatever way they see fit.


Don’t Let It Happen Again

The most important thing to remember is not to let the same mistake happen twice. It’s much harder to sound sincere when you apologise for something that keeps happening. Always be sure that whatever went wrong the first time doesn’t become a pattern.


Customer complaints don’t have to be a big deal. Use them as a learning experience to strengthen your business. When dealing with customer complaints, it’s important to remain calm and not take the complaint personally. Remaining calm while dealing with complaints will make it easier to resolve the issue rationally and effectively.

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6 Tips for Effectively Handling Customer Complaints



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