Employers: should you offer a traineeship?

20 March / Shares / by

Kirana Workforce Development, a subsidiary to Kirana Education, is catered to businesses that are looking to give their existing or new workers an opp

Employers – here’s why you should consider offering traineeships

12 January / Shares / by

Did you know, Kirana Education doesn’t just offer services to help individual students grow their future – we also have Kirana Workforce Developm

ACT business wins Training Awards and credits Kirana Workforce

10 January / Shares / by

Recently, a valued Kirana Workforce Development client utilised our services to upskill their staff and as such, their business, National Mailing and

Why do a traineeship?

22 December / Shares / by

If you’re thinking about undertaking a traineeship, you might be considering why you should do it – what are the benefits to you and your career?

5 Ways Of Dealing With Unreliable Employees

21 December / Shares / by

Unreliable employees are the nightmare of every employer who believes in results from consistent hard work. The havoc that comes with an employee not

The Seven Learning Styles: Know the difference and find your own

27 November / Shares / by

Embarking on a new educational course can be a daunting affair, when you take into consideration the amount of studying that you will need to do in or



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